The South Gosforth Avoider tour

Thomas Across the majority of the Network

A tour organised by both Metro and Branch Line Society to go to different sidings and perform unusual moves that would not normally occur in passnger service. Utilising metrocars 4030 and 4085
The tour began at South Gosforth running to Pelaw Sidings running then to Haymarket and back to Pelaw sidings. The next part of the trip was from Pelaw sidings to North Shields and preformed numerous moves to access the disused bay platform at North Shields. From North Shields the tour continued to Manors and into the sidings at Byker.
Departing Byker sidings the train proceeded to St James over-run and then came back into St James Platform 1.

After an hour break the tour ran to Manors and then out via the old Manors Curve to head to Monkseaton sidings, the next route planned was from Monkseaton to Kingston Park via Gosforth Depot avoiding line. From Kingston Park the metro ran to South Shields and then ran back to Regent Centre. Finally the tour arrived where it started at South Gosforth Metro.
It was one of the fondest and best memories I have of the Metro. It still amuses me to see passengers reaction as the metro when’s through each station non stop.

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